I love Sundays

4 months sober and Sundays have become my new favourite day of the week. Firstly I get to have a lie in, a truly restful nights sleep. I wake up feeling completely energised and ready to spend a wonderful day with my family, but Sundays didn’t always be this way.

NO!!! I used to drag myself through Sundays, battling through my hangover, screaming at my children if they dared to act like children, instead of mute, little angels. I would look at my tasks for the day (getting ready for school/work tomorrow) like they were massive mountains I would have to climb, just so I could get to the end of my day and get back to my glorious bed.

I used to live for Saturday nights, Nice food (takeaway of course), bottle of wine, a cheeky little chocolate treat and a quiet night on the sofa with my wonderful husband, watching a movie (that I would probably fall asleep through). The evening would end with me dragging myself to bed (without taking my makeup up or brushing my teeth…YACK!!! I would then wake up at about 3 maybe 4 and Sunday would commence.

Sober Lynzi’s Saturday night still involves nice food and a night in with Mr T. However, I now stay awake through movies, that’s if we watch a movie, sometimes we will just sit and chat. My husband is really funny, I love talking to him, he has me in stitches, literally I laugh so hard sometimes I can’t move. Any way this isn’t about Saturdays it’s about Sundays, but its my sober Saturdays that make Sunday the great day it is. It was almost like drinking on a Saturday night robbed me of my Sundays before.

So why do I love Sundays so much?

Sundays are the one day of the week, where no one has to be anywhere. My children don’t have any clubs to go to, my husband doesn’t go out training. It is all about family!! When I decided I wanted to have children, it didn’t visualise screaming at them and chasing them up to their rooms as early as possible, just so I could have my quiet night on the sofa with my wine. I had them so I could enjoy them. Being a Mum can be hard at times, but it is also the most wonderful job on the planet. I don’t want to waste another Sunday wrapped in a hangover. I want to enjoy my children and have some fun and that is exactly what we do now every Sunday. We have lots of fun!!!

So on that note, I’m going to sign off and go and enjoy my day with my beautiful family. xxx

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