Does being sober make me boring?

I was sat in my office last week, It’s one of those huge open plan offices with several different teams within it, where you can hear everything everyone is saying, whether you want to or not. One of the teams were bitching about someone who had clearly upset them.  A series of insults were made about this person, which tried to ignore. At least I did until I heard this:

“She is just so boring…..I mean she doesn’t drink….. need I say more”

Since when does the fact that someone chooses not to drink alcohol make them boring?  I don’t drink alcohol am I boring? I also don’t smoke, snort cocaine or inject myself with heroine. Does that mean I am really boring?

The person they were talking about could well be the most boring person on the planet, but saying she is boring just because she doesn’t drink alcohol is a ridiculous justification in my opinion, especially when there are so many people out there whose reason  for drinking is because they believe it will make them more interesting, more fun, more accepted.

Some people actually believe they need alcohol to have a good time. I don’t!! Give me a tune with a good beat and i’ll dance wherever I am.  I’ll be the first to put my hand up to volunteer to do something unknown (like to be jumped over by a bunch of 5 or 6 year olds on motorbikes) and I love hosting a party – alcohol or no alcohol.

Do you really think drinking alcohol makes you less boring and more fun to be around?

Lets looks at the drunk staggering out of a pub or club, falling over and throwing up, shouting obscenities at anyone that looks in their direction or tries to help them. Do we really think that’s fun???

Yes alcohol may make you feel more relaxed  in certain social situations, making you seem more outgoing. The reason for this is because alcohol releases a chemical in your brain called dopamine. Your brain creates this chemical to make you feel good. One or two drinks can make you feel more relaxed and outgoing. However, a few more than one or two drinks  and you’ll find yourself doing things you wouldn’t do when you’re sober (how many of us stop at one or two?)

More than one or two drinks will cause your brain to release so much dopamine that you can no longer tell the difference between a good or bad decision, that’s why even when we plan to just have a few quiet ones, we end up having 3,4 maybe more and making fools of ourselves.

A couple of years ago my employer organised a big dinner, it was going to be a posh affair, all bow ties and long dresses and special guest speakers. It was not the usual get together at the local Indian Restaurant.  This was a real opportunity to get out of my uniform and to show my colleagues that I was a woman. I booked the day off and spent all day, having a fake tan done, getting my nails, hair and lashes done. I was really excited and once I had my dress on, I felt a million dollars.

When I arrived though, I felt a little bit out of place.  These were my work colleagues not my friends and although we got on at work OK, I felt a little weird and didn’t really have anything to talk about apart from work.  So despite all my intentions to only have a glass or two with dinner, I went to the bar and ordered myself a large wine. That will help me loosen up and come out of my shell I thought.

Fast Forward a few hours and a few to many glasses of wine and I was being delivered back to my husband in a Police van with a black bin bag full of sick. I had not been arrested, I was being given a lift home, doesn’t make it any less embarrassing though.  I drank to make myself more outgoing and fun and ended up looking like a complete idiot!!!

Monday Morning back in the office I was totally mortified, everybody laughing at how drunk I was, how I kept spilling my wine and swearing blind I wasn’t drunk. Telling people what I thought of them before throwing up all down myself and falling flat on my face.

Was I fun to be around that evening?           NO!!!!!!

Did I have fun?       NO!!!!!

Yes I made a few people laugh, but were they laughing with me, or laughing at me? I think perhaps the latter. I’d rather being boring than the laughing stock…wouldn’t you?

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