Alcohol and Weight Loss

My main reason for wanting to kick the booze was purely and simply because I wanted to lose weight and I believed if I stopped drinking wine, I would eat less of the wrong food and more of the right food as well as doing more exercise and would therefore lose weight…YIPPEE!!!

Pre Oct 18, on Friday evenings, as I slumped into my bed after polishing off a bottle of red wine and eating the entire contents of my kitchen, I would swear blind that tomorrow I was going to get up and go for a run, eat a more healthy diet and never drink wine again.

Of course the following morning would come and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run! I couldn’t be bothered to listen to the kids whining and moaning, so I’d bribe them…”You go upstairs and do your teeth and face and get dressed without fighting and I will take you to McDonald’s for breakfast”. Later in the day I would need coffee, which of course would be accompanied by a cake and by tea time, well I have completely blown my healthy eating regime, so what the heck ‘lets have a takeaway’. Which of course means another bottle of wine…It is the weekend after all!!!

.…………and so the never ending battle with my weight continues.

In Dec 18, I’d been off the booze for about 6 weeks and was feeling really motivated. I decided even though Christmas was just around the corner giving me the perfect excuse to release my inner mince pie monster, that I would try to lose as much weight as I could before Christmas Eve. Then for the week between Christmas and New Year, I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted. At least that way, the number facing me on the scales in January, would be a lot less scary than if I just ate like it was Christmas all the way through December.

Anyway, I joined a diet group (weight watchers..totally brilliant I love it!!!) and lost 13lbs in 4 weeks. It was so easy. Over the years I have tried every diet there is!! I have spent thousands of pounds in total on different weight loss schemes, all telling me they were better than the last. The fact is, they probably all work if you actually follow the plan. But if however, like me you only follow the plan Monday to Thursday because on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you are drinking wine and eating whatever falls into your mouth, then its no surprise really that you are putting weight on, rather than losing it.

I have now lost 17.5lbs in total and I feel amazing!!!

But why is alcohol so bad for weight loss?

Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories which carry no nutritional value, so you are essentially just wasting your energy consuming alcohol. It also lowers your inhibitions and increases your appetite, so you know longer care that you are supposed to be following a diet plan, you just think..”I fancy a pizza”.

When you drink alcohol your body has to focus on breaking down the alcohol rather than burning the fat. Hence why that stuffed crust pizza you just demolished all on your own, went straight to your thighs.

I sit in my weight loss group every Saturday and without fail someone will always blame their lack of weight loss on the fact they had a few to many alcoholic drinks. So we clearly all know that alcohol and weight loss do not go together!!

Perhaps you need to ask yourself the simple question…What do I want more???

Do I want to reach my weight loss goals?


Do I want another glass of wine?

If your answer is another glass of wine, then perhaps you are being controlled by alcohol more than you think you are!!!

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