Doing it for the kids

With Mother’s Day passing last weekend, it has really made me think about how my sobriety is not just improving my life, but improving my children’s lives too.

If you asked me 6 months ago (when I was still drinking) “Are you a good Mum?” I would have said “YES!!!” and I was, but I’m a much better Mum now I am sober!! I am less stressed, I spend more quality time with my boys, we have more fun together and best of all I hardly ever shout at them anymore.

Now this maybe because my children have magically turned into little angles over night or maybe, just maybe, the fact I am no longer suffering the effects of alcohol (hangovers or withdrawal) makes me see they are not little demon children after all, they are just children, being children.

Mothers Day in the past would be breakfast in bed and lunch out somewhere where I could drink wine. This was how I chose to spend my day!! I could have done anything, but I wanted wine.

However, when I drank wine in the afternoon though, I would need to continue drinking into the evening or a hangover would start to kick in and i’m sure we can all agree hangovers are not very nice. So I would either end my Mothers Day being passed out on the sofa, smashed or feeling really rough, agitated, tired and generally shouting at the boys for daring to still be up and in my face.

This year, the kids got up and made me breakfast in bed, we all went for a family walk in the woods before going to KFC for a lunch we would all enjoy, not just me. When we got home the kids wanted to go out and play with their friends, giving me the chance to sit out in the sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book. We later enjoyed a lovely family meal together before getting the children ready for bed.

This year my Mothers Day didn’t end with me in a bucket. It ended with two beautiful cuddles from my two gorgeous boys telling me how much they love me.

What a perfect way to end Mothers Day!!!!!

I can’t believe I’ve have missed that perfect ending to my day for the past nine years because I believed the best treat on Mothers Day was going for a posh lunch and drinking wine. What was I thinking????

If someone asks me now “Are you a good Mum, I can say with absolute pride:

“Hell Yeah!!!”

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