First ever sober holiday

As I sit here in the beauty salon, waiting for my pre holiday manicure and pedicure, it suddenly hits me that this will be my first sober holiday in 22 years.

My last holiday, where my friend and I took our kids camping, saw a bottle of wine being opened the second the tent was erected and more wine being consumed every evening there after. It was what we did, we entertained the kids during the day, then in the evening we drank wine.

In December 2017, my husband and I went on an all inclusive holiday to Cyprus. I got so drunk on the first night on all inclusive cocktails that I couldn’t leave the room for being sick until 2pm the next day. Not exactly how I planned to spend my holiday.

My normal everyday life is so much better now I no longer drink. I am less stressed, I feel healthier and I’m so much happier. I cannot wait to see how much more enjoyable an alcohol free holiday will be.

I will keep you posted.

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