A health magazine said that?????

Today I read an article in a health magazine which has really annoyed me. The article in question was printed in a well known health and wellness magazine, which is read by thousands of people. This month it features a Working Mum asking the following question….

I don’t think I drink to much, but I often use wine as a reward after work. Could this affect the way my kids view alcohol’?

The reason I am so annoyed is because I see myself in this woman. I knew for 6 whole years I didn’t have a good relationship with alcohol, but when I questioned my drinking with medical professionals, they would always say – just cut down, there is no need to quit. Exactly the same advice has been offered in this article today.

The fact is the sheer nature of alcohol and the fact it is an addictive drug makes it really hard to cut down, hence the reason why most people drink more now than they did 10 years ago.

Anyway Lets get back to the article and break that question down;

I don’t think I drink to much

Well she probably does and shes probably knows it, that is why she added that particular comment to her question. If she didn’t believe she drank to much, she wouldn’t have tried to justify her drinking, which is exactly what she did when she said…………………..

I often reward myself with wine after work

Alcohol is an addictive drug that causes thousands of deaths a year. Why on earth would anyone reward themselves with such a thing. Alcohol is only good for 4 things. It is an anaesthetic, a detergent, an antiseptic and a fuel.

It DOES NOT have any health benefits…FACT!!!!

It DOES NOT cure stress, it DOES NOT make you more confident, It will NOT help you relax or have fun. It offers you NO joy or support at all!!

Any benefits you think you are getting from alcohol are all due to the brain washing you have received about alcohol from a young age. Brainwashing that starts during childhood, watching your parents drinking habits.

So in answer to your question

Could this affect the way my kids view alcohol?

YES of course it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work with a lovely girl called Rachael, we often go for coffee together and put the world to rights. One day we were talking about why I’d decided to stop drinking and we got onto the subject of her drinking habits. It turned out she hardly ever drinks because she doesn’t like it. Her parents were against drinking so it wasn’t something she was ever bothered about.

Now lets look at me, I used to drink every weekend. I don’t remember my parents ever getting drunk or drinking every night, but I definitely remember them drinking at social occasions where we would all have lots of fun. On one particular occasion (I think in may have been New Years Eve) An assault course was set up in the living room and we all got in teams and raced remote control cars around the living room. It was great fun, as a result I grew up thinking alcohol is fun.

The woman in this article drinks wine as a reward after work, In other words, she drinks wine to relax and relieve stress.

I’ve said it before and I am sure I will say it again.

Alcohol does not relieve stress or relax you. It causes stress and anxiety. She is basically teaching her children that their problems can be solved with alcohol.

The Wellbeing expert in this article replied “It is important for your kids to see you enjoy a healthy relationship with alcohol”

There is no such thing as a healthy relationship with alcohol because it is an addictive drug with no health benefits what so ever.

People drink because they have been brain washed into believing they get some kind of joy or support from alcohol. The brainwashing comes from adverts, television and people around us. That brainwashing starts when when we are children

If you don’t want your children to drink alcohol. Don’t drink in front of them, or better still, just don’t drink.

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