I want to be free!!!

So today is day 7 of my 100 day sobriety challenge. I feel completely motivated!!! rather than saying “I’m never going to drink again” 100 days is so doable. I’ve done it before and I felt fantastic for it.

This new found motivation came from my latest read ‘A Happier Hour’ by Rebecca Meller. This is by far my favourite sobriety book yet and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to cut down on their drinking. It was as if her book was written just for me!! It addressed all my current concerns about getting through special events without an alcoholic drink in my hand.

On New Year’s Day, I’d been sober for just over 2 months and I truly believed because I’d got through Christmas and New Year without a drink that I would never drink again.

How wrong was I???

I’d been sober for almost 6 months when I was tempted to drink again. I was on holiday and everyone drinks on holiday right???

Thank fully, as soon as I got back home, I stopped and didn’t touch another drop until my friends Hen Party last weekend.

This has made me ask myself the question.

Is it so bad to have a drink on special occasions??

Especially if I can stop drinking as soon as the special event is over.

What’s the problem??

The fact is, I don’t want to drink anymore. I don’t enjoy drinking and it annoys me that I seem to drink for the sake of it.

When I drank on holiday did it make my holiday more enjoyable?

NO!!! Being hungover on holiday is not enjoyable at all, especially on a boat.

When I drank at my friend’s Hen Party did it make me have more fun?

NO!!! I ruined an amazingly fun day by throwing up at the end of it.

I have a lot of special occasions coming up in the next 100 days. A holiday, 3 weddings, a festival, my birthday, my husband’s graduation and another hen party.

I don’t want to drink, so I am setting myself a challenge that will see me sober through all these special occasions.

Then in 100 days, hopefully i’ll have realised that special occasions are more fun sober. Allowing me to be free from alcohol once and for all!!

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