Parenting is not easier with wine!!!

Last night after a productive day in the office, I left work and made my way to school, to pick up my children. I’d had a good day and I was feel pretty blooming happy. I was looking forward to my seeing my two babies and finding out what they had been up to all day.

The school pick up went smoothly. I got two lovely cuddles and bonus for me they approved of my plans for dinner that evening (chicken fajitas). They didn’t even fight about who was going to sit in the front seat of the car. WINNER!

What could possibly go wrong???

We enter the house and Elliott runs out into the back garden to get his bike, he then proceeds through the house with his bike, making his way towards the front door. “Where are you going?” I ask, “out to play” replied Elliott. “You have a swimming lesson in half an hour, go and get your swimming kit ready“. (His brother at this time is up stairs getting his swimming kit ready as we had been discussing swimming lessons in the car journey home from school, so it wasn’t as if he wasn’t aware).

I can literally see the anger rise up from Elliott’s feet to his face as he turns bright red and lets out a god awful scream. A scene I see all to often and always reminds me of the incredible hulk, when he rips through his clothes and turns green. Elliott drops his bike to floor and starts jumping up and down on the wheel, like something you would see in a cartoon. He is screaming at me “I want to go out and play, I don’t want to go swimming” .

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to hear our pet name for Elliott is ‘Wreck it Ralph’!!!

I calmly tell him I will phone the pool and check his swimming lesson is still going on. While I am on the phone, Elliott is still throwing a tantrum, kicking his bike, the door the walls. Turns out his lesson has actually been double booked.

HOORAHHH!!!! End up tantrum right?……….WRONG!!!!

I try to tell him his lesson has been cancelled, so he can go out, but he can’t hear me because he is screaming to loud. I lose my temper and send him up to his room to get changed and to calm down.

Big mistake sending him up stairs!!! Innocently getting his swimming gear together, Bradley (Elliott’t brother) has now become Elliott’s new target.

3, 2, 1

MMMMUUUUUMMMMM!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH Elliott’s just…….. I can’t hear what he is saying because he is crying, but I am betting Elliott has just done to Bradley what he was just doing to his bike.

I march up stairs and send them both to their rooms, telling them they are grounded. Bradley screams “I didn’t do anything” and slams his door on me. Elliott just screams!!!!

Now, this is the part where I rejoice at the fact I no longer drink, because since giving up the booze, I no longer turn into an angry Mummy who shouts and screams because she has lost control of the situation. I don’t scream at the kids to stay out of my sight because I have had enough. I don’t march back downstairs in need of a glass of wine so I can calm down.

Instead I stop, I breath and think about how I can turn this situation around. I walk into Bradley’s room and tell him he is not grounded and that I made mistake. Bradley is happy!!!

I now just need to control Elliott!!

Elliott at this point is in his room trashing the place, or at least that’s what it sounds like. I sit and wait for him to come out. He has worked himself into such a state he can’t even talk. I tell him to come and have a cuddle and calm down. He tries to talk but he is crying to hard, I tell him to be quiet, just to give mummy a cuddle and calm down. I give him a huge hug and tell him I love him, but his behaviour has been unacceptable. I tell him he is grounded so he is not going out to play, but he can come and help me with dinner if he likes. (Elliott loves helping me in the kitchen). Elliott is now happy!!

5 minutes later, we are in the kitchen cutting up vegetables for dinner and talking about our days. As I stand there, I suddenly become very proud of myself. Situations like this one, happen a lot in my house. I have two children who fight like cat and dog daily. I used to drink wine to cope with the stress of being a parent, but the fact is I cope so much better without it!!!!

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