I want to wear pretty dresses

For those that follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that since June I haven’t exactly been living the most healthy lifestyle.

Here’s the thing, the summer for me means glasses of ice cold beer or Chardonnay, so every time the sun comes out, I forget I want to be slim and healthy and instead opt out of exercise and opt into sitting in the garden with a drink.

Now if I ate healthy food and did regular exercise, drinking a glass of wine wouldn’t be a problem. However that is not what happens. For starters I don’t drink one glass of wine, I drink the bottle. I then can’t be bothered to cook the healthy meal I had planned, so I resort to take away.

I like to run in the morning, but there is no way I’m getting out of bed at 5am if I’ve drank wine and eaten pizza the night before.

We are now in July and I have gained 8lbs (it was 10lbs, but I lost 2 this week).

I have to ask myself what do I want, do I want to sit in the garden and drink wine. It was lovely sitting there if I am completely honest, but what I want more than that glass of wine is to wear gorgeous pretty dresses!!

Everyone is different, but for me personally, I can not live a healthy lifestyle and have the body I want if I drink alcohol.

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