I’m even grateful for the bad stuff

Hi, today is day three of my Miracle Morning and today I really did jump out of bed when my alarm went off.

Yesterday was such a crazy day. It was my first day as a WW Coach on my own and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong including my computer system not working and not being able to get in. (I did get in eventually)

It didn’t end there, my kids were little devils, I attended a meeting that didn’t go the way I wanted and finally I turned up for something in the evening to find someone else there too.

Anyway, despite all those bad things happening, I didn’t lose my cool once. In fact I was quite happy. These were really good learning experiences and I actually felt grateful for them.

What????? I know I can’t believe it either and being grateful for bad stuff is such an amazing feeling to. I feel absolutely awesome this morning and it’s all thanks to the miracle morning.

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