The Power of Affirmations

4 days ago I started doing the Miracle Morning as a means to motivate myself to live a healthier life style. I wanted to eat healthier food, do more exercise, stop drinking alcohol and coffee (I caved in after 2 days of no coffee) and just basically live my best life.

On Tuesday morning (day one) I looked in the mirror and for 5 solid minutes I repeated my affirmations.

“I am grateful for my healthy body, I love my life, I love myself”

I found this on the internet, I have never done affirmations before, so I had no idea what I should say.

I felt really silly stood talking to myself in the mirror, especially saying I am grateful for my healthy body when all I can see is the bloated, saggy face of someone who over indulged in holiday.

However, I went with it and tried to concentrate on what my body can do as opposed to what it looks like right now.

4 days later, after doing the same affirmation for 5 mins every morning I was feeling empowered. I can see my cheekbones again and my eyes were shiny. I ran upstairs to the scales and I’ve lost 4.4kg.

My plan this morning was to do yoga, but as I looked in the mirror doing my affirmations, I became more and more motivated to take my healthy body out for a run, so that’s what I did.

This Miracle Morning is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever introduced into my life.

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