A Level 10 Life

Today marks 7 days of me waking up early and doing a personal development morning routine that is helping me to gain focus and achieve my goals.

The morning routine is called the Miracle Morning and it’s by Hal Elrod. I totally recommend it to anyone that is not living a full level 10 life.

Well you take each area of your life, Family, Friendships, Finances, Health, Work and score it out of 10. If you are not scoring 10 in a particular area of your life you use the clarity of thinking you get from doing the miracle morning to figure out how you can bring it up to a 10.

What is a Level 10 life??? I here you ask

A level 10 life is living every area of your life at 10 out of 10. Why would you settle for 5 out if 10 if you can have 10 out of 10? Why would you want to live a mediocre life style, when you can live an amazing life?

Anyway, I looked at my life and I am completely happy with my family and friends and my work. However, my finances are not at level 10, but then I have just changed my career path so it is to be expected, I suppose. The miracle morning is helping me to think clearly on strategies I can implement to increase my finances and it’s working.

My health is my biggest focus. I’m not scoring 10 out of 10 in that area at all. I want to lose weight, give up the booze and caffeine and maintain a regular exercise program.

Since I started practicing the miracle morning, I have done just that. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol ( I have however had coffee). I exercise daily and because I’m following WW (formerly Weight Watchers) I’m eating healthy food and all this combined is making me lose weight, 8.5lbs of weight in just 7 days.

I feel amazing and I am achieving my goals!!

As an added bonus I also feel relaxed and able to deal with any situation (which is a miracle in itself with the kids being off school at the moment). The daily meditation and time to myself to read and visualise my future is just having nothing but a positive effect on me.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again. I 100% recommend the miracle morning to anyone who wants to improve their life!!

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