Hi Honey I’m home – Sitting sober on cloud nine is back in the building!!

Where do I start, its been a while since my last blog, convincing myself that I do not have a drinking problem because I don’t drink everyday and because there are so many people out there that drink way more than I do.

Well the fact is I do have a drinking problem. My problem is that I know drinking makes me feel like crap, it makes me tired, stressed and agitated and yet I still do it!! WHY?????

I use the excuse that it helps me to relax, but I know that’s bullshit!!! It’s the wine that is making me stressed in the first place, not to mention making me fat and lazy to boot.

No matter how many times I say “I’m going to stop drinking once and for all” I always seem to end up back in the same place….me sat on my sofa, drinking red wine. It never used to be more than a bottle, but more recently that one bottle has turned into two. which is really scary!!!!

As I sat heavily in my hangover yesterday, unable to do all the things I had intended to do, I knew that something has to change. So I am back here in blog writing mode starting my journey to sitting sober on cloud nine once more, hoping that this time will be the last time I have to start over.

My plan is to go back to the gym and start working out again. I’m going to make sure I am treating my body with the respect that it deserves because when I eat the right food, exercise and mediate, I feel amazing…my body needs this!! I need this!!!

To help me stay on track I am going to get back to writing regular blogs about how great life is when you are Sitting SOBER on Cloud Nine.

See you soon L xxx

Sunday mornings at there best

Waking up hangover free at 5.30am and coming down stairs to do 2 hours of personal development is the best way to start your Sunday.

It is rainy and windy outside, but inside is calm and peaceful. The kids and my hubby are still in bed. I’m just sat in my living room, diffusing my favourite essential oil, writing my blog without a care in the world.

This morning I took my meditation to a whole new level, thanks to my new book ‘The Master Key’ by Charles F Haanel. I normally use guided meditation, but today I just did it myself. I quietened my mind when I needed to and visualised my own dreams and desires. It was amazing.

I got my blood flowing with a little yoga and had a delicious cup of coffee. All by myself in a lovely peaceful setting. This is what Sunday mornings should be about.

So many people tell me they just don’t have time to do anything for themselves and that is why they are so stressed all the time. My message to them is make time. It’s not even 8 am yet and I feel on top of the world, in complete control of my life and most of all I’m truly happy and content.

Miracle morning for ever

33 days ago I set myself a challenge to undertake the 30 day miracle morning life changing challenge and I can honestly say it is probably the best challenge I’ve ever set myself. I certainly won’t be stopping.

What I haven’t mentioned until now is that I also took my friend along for this particular ride. It’s not generally her type of thing, but I said “it’s only 30 days” then her husband spoke up and kindly offered to walk the dog while she did the miracle morning, so she was in.

Along the way, I’ve received various calls from her saying what a difference it had made to her life and how she is doing things she never thought she would, but I knew she was truly onboard when 3 days ago I received a message challenging me to another 30 days of the miracle morning. Obviously I willingly accepted this challenge.

I can’t put into words how something as simple as this personal development routine just changes everything, but it does.

Yesterday, I came home to find a young girl (who often bullies or insights others to bully my son) sitting in my house, playing with said son. I know before my reaction to this would have been to ignore the girl and come up with an excuse as to why she needs to leave, before reminding my son of all the hurt she has caused in the past.

I didn’t feel like that yesterday, I was aware of how would normally react, but instead saw an opportunity for these two to become good friends. I asked the girl if she would like to stay for dinner, which she did.

This is just one example of stress/tension that I have let go of. I am genuinely living in peace and harmony and I believe it’s all thanks to the miracle morning.

Things to do list

This week has been manic, whilst embracing my new career I’ve taken on a little too much this week, but it’s ok. I have made an absolute point of doing my miracle morning. I’ve even been getting up earlier so I have more time on each of my savers (read previous blogs if you have no idea what I am talking about). It had worked a treat, especially as I have made my scribing saver into a time to write a things to do list.

I litterally write down everything I need to do, from packing my car up for a workshop, to walking the kids to school and eating breakfast.

I make sure that I put in sometime for myself for a run or a walk with my pups, yesterday I had a little afternoon nap ( it was needed!!!)

Anyway my things to do list is really helping me stay on track, my good mood from my miracle morning really does last all day (unless I can’t get into a video everyone is raving about, so I have no idea what they are talking about).

Putting a line through all the things I have achieved as the day goes on really makes me feel a little like super woman and if there are some things I don’t manage to do, I look at all the things I have done and think to myself. You are Awesome!!!

I think from now on my things to do list will be a permanent fixture in my life, along with the rest if my miracle morning savers.

Anything that keeps me feeling like I’m sitting on cloud nine all day is a keeper in my eyes.

I am a money magnet!!!

I have actually lost track now of how many days I’ve been doing the miracle morning, I think it’s because it’s making such a difference to my life, I have no intention of stopping after the 30 day challenge is complete.

My life was pretty amazing to start with, because I’ve read and practice the Secret I’m already quite a positive person who constantly assesses my life and what makes me happy, but this routine has just fine tuned it.

When I looked into this the areas I wanted to improve using the miracle morning, wanted to improve my health and my finances. I am in the middle of a career change so it’s to be expected that for a month or two finances may be a bit tight.

Anyway, when reading the secret I came across the following affirmation:

“There is an abundance of money in this world and it’s on its way to me, because I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me, I am receiving money every single day. thank you Thank you Thank you”

I do this affirmation every day. At first it felt like a lie, but then as I was saying the line “there is an abundance of money in this world” I just thought of the ever increasing lottery jackpot that currently sits at £139million. That is a lot of money and it’s just sat there waiting for someone or people to win it.

When I say the line “I am a money magnet” I visualise money flying towards me and sticking to me.

When I say the line “I love money and money loves me” I visualise myself in my kitchen throwing money in the air singing ‘I’m in the money’ as I dance round in circles with money pouring over me like confetti.

Finally the line ” I am receiving money everyday” this got easier as I started to actually receive money everyday!! I imagine lots of envelopes coming through my door all containing cheques and cash for me.

Once I’ve finished my affirmations, I sit and visualise opening those envelopes and counting the cash in them.

So does it work???

It certainly is for me!! firstly I have managed to secure all the workshops I needed to get the wage I had in my mind. Secondly when I went for a massage, I had 7 points (points I didn’t even know I was collecting) which meant I got £7 off my massage.

Whilst walking in the park with my family, we found a book with a note that said congratulations this book now belongs to you. I won the lottery, ok it was only £2.60 on this occasion, but that £2.60 bought me a ticket to next week’s draw and I received a cheque through the post.

As well as recieving money I’ve also felt a new found wanting to give more away. I’ve started putting my change from my shopping into the charity pot at the till. The other day my son and I bought a homeless man some food and drink to keep him going for the evening and when I saw a lady stressing because she didn’t have a £1 to get a trolley, I gave her £1. All these acts made me feel amazing.

In fact giving money away is just as satisfying if not more so than receiving it.

Time for breakfast

2 weeks into my miracle morning challenge and the results are so amazing I know I will now be doing this for life.

The biggest thing it has given me is time. I am usually a stress head, I get out of bed a the latest possible time and then stress about being late, screaming at my kids like it’s their fault Mummy hit the snooze button 5 times.

The Miracle morning gives me so much clarity and focus on what needs to be done, it’s almost like time stands still sometimes and because I’m not rushing everywhere, I’m not stressed.

There are lots of little things regarding having more time I’ve noticed. On Saturday, I had to work early. I got there 15 minutes early. The fact that I didn’t worry about being late or getting stuck in traffic once meant that I was totally relaxed when I walked into work, I then just took everything in my stride and my morning at work was amazing.

This morning I noticed I have time for breakfast. I’m following WW so having a healthy filling breakfast makes the rest of my day so much easier. If I’m running late and skip breakfast I end up hitting Starbucks and wiping out all my points in a couple of bites. Whereas today I’ve just eaten, sausage, egg and tomato, it’s well within my points so the rest of the day will be a breeze.

Lack of time for me equals stress, but since doing this miracle morning, I seem to have all the time I need. If your excuse for not giving it a try is not having enough time then I strongly erge you to reconsider.

Miracle morning with a hangover

So, yesterday started as the most amazing day. I did my miracle morning and I felt happiness shooting through my veins as I went to work. My workshop was amazing all though I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t lost any weight myself, but then I had lost 8.5lbs the week before so it was no Biggie really.

When I got home I had a letter waiting for me, that I have been expecting. Unfortunately it didn’t say what I wanted it to say.

I don’t know what happened in my head but suddenly every thought was a negative one, I felt emotional. I’d been knocked for six. The letter wasn’t even bad, looking at it today, it contains good news, it just wasn’t the good news I was expecting.

In a typical Lyndsey fashion I wanted to eat everything in sight and drink wine.

Our plans for the day changed, I no longer had the desire to go and see my friends and it turned out my husband and the kids didn’t want to go anyway.

Instead we went for a family walk to the beach and my husband treated me to a huge cream tea. It was delicious!!

Unfortunately, though I had it in my head I’m going to drink wine and that’s what I did. I didn’t get wasted I had a couple of glasses of red wine whilst I watched a movie. It was all very pleasant.

However, as pleasant as it was, I didn’t sleep well last night and if it hadn’t of been for the fact I woke up at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was sweating buckets, my miracle morning challenge (to do it everyday for 30 days) would have failed.

Thank goodness for hot flushes 😂🤣🤣

Anyway, I took myself out of bed, I’ve down done my miracle morning and despite the tiredness of a hangover, I do feel good again.

And I have learnt once more that alcohol does absolutely nothing for me!!!!

Miracle morning interupted

Day 11 of my miracle morning routine, I jumped out of bed at 6am and made my way downstairs.

The first thing I do when I get down there, is find myself a 10 minute guided meditation on you tube. I was half way through my meditation when I felt the presence of a little person standing in front of me. He stayed really quite, but I knew he was there. I could hear him playing around with the TV.

Now my meditation is only my first part of my morning routine, I still had reading, affirmations, visualisation, scribing and exercise to fit in and I usually get this all done while my children and husband lay in bed.

I took my book and a blanket into the garden and decided to do my reading out there. It was so lovely and peaceful. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my book in my living room with the sound of road blocks popping in my ear.

Next up are my affirmations. I usually do these in the living room (The room my son is currently occupying) infront of a mirror. There is no mirror in the garden, so the garden won’t cut it!! The only other mirrors in the house are upstairs where people are sleeping or in the box toilet downstairs. So, for my affirmations this morning, I locked myself into my box toilet. I even stayed in there for my visualisations…..I will be cleaning that toilet later!!!

The Miracle Morning routine is really making my life better, yesterday was amazing. I didn’t seem to do alot, but everything I wanted to happen regarding my new career just fell into place. I went from having 3 workshops to the 7 workshops I wanted in a blink of an eye and they are all in the times that work really well for me. It was like a little miracle!!!

I am not going to let anything stop me from performing my morning routine. If my youngest gets up early and wants to play road blocks in my usual space, that’s fine. I won’t stress about it, I’ll just move to somewhere else, even the downstairs loo.


My 10 minute meditation this morning was a guided meditation about positivity and gratitude.

Positivity and gratitude is something I try to live my life by and have done now for many years ( I think it comes from being a huge fan of the Secret). When you live your life with positivity and gratitude good stuff happens.

When you are grateful for what you already have (instead of focusing on what you don’t have) opportunities come about to bring you more things to be grateful for, it’s like magic.

Gratitude lists are a really good way to set the tone of gratitude and they can turn a bad day into a good day in an instant, because you start focusing on all that is good in your life.

When I go out for a run, I list in my head all the things I am truly grateful for

For example;

I am truly grateful for my two beautiful, healthy, children who show me so much unconditional love and who I love unconditionally in return.

I am truly grateful to my wonderful loving, supportive husband, who allows me to follow my dreams.

I am truly grateful for my fantastic new job, which allows me to spend more time with my family who I love deeply.

The list goes on, about my wonderful parents, my great friends, my dogs, my home, everything I can think of that I’m grateful for.

I then send out a huge thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful things I’m grateful for and by the time I’m done I’m in a wonderful positive happy mood.

Why not give it a try???

Snooze you Lose

At 6 am this morning, I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off in the hall (I leave it out there so I have to get out of bed and can’t just press snooze and go back to sleep). I got out of bed, switched off my alarm and got back into bed….What????

The moment my head hit the below my head and my body went to war. My body was saying “I’m staying right here” and my head was saying “get up, you have set yourself a challenge to do this for 30 days”

In that instant, I thought back to the chapter in the book (The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod) called ‘snooze you lose’

Let’s pretend I’m stood in front of you right now and I’m offering you 2 choices.

Choice One: you can live your best life, having more than enough time and energy to achieve all your goals.


Choice Two: You can just lie around and chill and watch the world go by, while you do or achieve nothing.

Which would you choose???

I know I would choose the first option. I want to live my best life. I want to have the time and energy to achieve all my goals and I’m not going to get that by spending my morning in bed.

So in that moment of realisation, I jumped out of bed and did day 8 of my miracle morning routine and I’m so glad I did, because this morning I achieved my goal to run 5 miles before the end of August.